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PSA/ticketing integration


G’day, I’m a break-fixer that’s been evaluating SimpleHelp for quite some time (currently on the Standard tier). I’m moving to an MSP model (my largest client has concerns over the size of their hourly billed invoices), and I’m wondering how those that use SimpleHelp more extensively integrate it into their ticketing systems?



I bill/track my clients in 15 minute increments - you’d be amazed how many short term tickets I pick up from people who live in the local town and just need some advice. I use Spiceworks as a my helpdesk - a perfect companion to SimpleHelp as it also runs on Windows server - and is free. But I’d be interested in some kind of link to a ticketing system as well - mainly to cross-check amount of time I’m active remotely versus what I’ve actually recorded in the help desk.


I use ConnectWise and have configured SimpleHelp to email a summary to our service board which starts a ticket with the details of the connection, any chat transcript and the duration of the connection. This reduces work by starting the ticket with much of the detail already populated.


I also use Spiceworks - wherein my customer has to input their Spiceworks ticket number into the customer client - where I can then track the remote session time length as well as who was on the call. I have a link that gets pushed to the user on session end for a survey to increase the customer success.

I wish I could use an API to push that session ticket number info into the client installer, but this method has been successful for me.


Hi Scott, do you have any guides or information on how you did this please?


Jayjayuk -

Sure, in the SimpleHelp Server Admin
Create an Alert Event
Set it to be either an Access or Support session as needed / desired
As an action, have it send an e-mail with the connection details to the email address of your service board.