QNAP Installation

Hi, Has anyone installed SimpleHelp on a QNAP box? I am looking at SimpleHelp again, I have ditched my server, because I have downsized and running 99% of things via my QNAP.

I would like to just run as a website, but open to all options.

Thanks Ry

Hey Ryan, welcome to the forums!
Using the QNAP as an SH server? should just be as simple as running the linux installer. QNAP is based on debian, but i haven’t tested it myself.

make sure you have a fixed IP. Otherwise just use a small linux vps $5 per month from AWS or DigitalOcean

Yep its a fixed IP so all good there; its my project for the weekend.

QNAP supports Docker containers via Container Station, and there’s a couple of Dockerfiles for deploying SimpleHelp on hub.docker.com.

I’ve not tried this myself, I just know of their existence.

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That’s the perfect workaround :slight_smile: I started to run it on a VM with in the QNAP - but its slow. Just got to work out how to make it update from 5.2.10 now.