Raspberry Pi - right-click menus black

We’re having issues with a RPi we manage. When you right-click, the menus that comes up appear to be black or blank and they can’t be seen. The device does have a real monitor plugged in so it is not a headless issue. I’m hoping someone else has run into this and has some ideas.


I don’t have a pi to test, but I suspect it’s a graphics driver issue. You could try:

Use Slower Comprehensive Capture - SimpleHelp supports a slower comprehensive capture method. If some windows are not being captured correctly then the technician can enable this option. On Windows this allows SimpleHelp to capture special layered windows.

Disable Advanced Graphics - On legacy systems screen capture is sometimes faster if hardware acceleration and advanced graphics are disabled.

Try each one individually and then both. It usually fixes those kind of issues, if not its probably a driver issue.

Unfortunately, those options are not available for the RPi. I do seem them for Windows hosts.

Interesting. Good to know. Wish I had a pi to test. I don’t right now though. Let us know if you figure it out.
I have seen it happen on Linux and Windows. It’s usually a graphics card/driver issue. With the pi, not sure what to change though. Open a support ticket, maybe the devs will have an idea.

I have it installed on a few various Pi flavors. I always install it headless but since I run some digital signage displays via a chromium browser it actually shows up in the thumbnail display and when I connect to it I can see what it is displaying which is really helpful.