Reconnect not working

I only have one license so I’m often disconnecting and reconnecting to number of clients. This appears to have stopped working in the latest version.


No matter how many times I click Reconnect, it won’t connect. It says “Reconnecting” for a few seconds and then that message just disappears:


In the technician client, the client PC is shown as connected fine. The only fix is to close the session window and reconnect - which works everytime.

Anyone else having trouble reconnecting from the session window?

I had never tried this before but just tried it now (5.2.15) and see the seem behaviour as you.

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Thanks for confirming. I’ll raise a ticket.

I’ve raised a ticket on this as reconnect is rather unwell in the latest version. Restart a computer and most times it won’t reconnect. It’s not a showstopper but darn annoying.