Register with two SimpleHelp servers?

Is it possible for a computer to be registered with two complete separate installations? I’ve got my main client registered with my own SimpleHelp system but they now need their own solution. We have the option to buying a completely new 3rd party system (which is always more expensive) but I wondered if I could spin up another SimpleHelp server and have clients registered with both?

Yes, Just add it as another line to the SimpleHelp Servers under the computer configuration.
You can also create a custom access install with multiple server lines.

Keep in mind what ever group you have the computer in will be replicated to each server.

Can adding another simple-help server be run as a script on the existing simple-help server connection?

Not that I know of. You would have to contact support to double-check.

If you want to do it in bulk, you can do it with a Business or enterprise license.
It is not available with the standard license tier.