Remote Access Agent on Windows 2000

Has anyone ever had experience with installing the Remote Access Agent on Windows 2000? I’ve got a Windows 2000 machine that I’m trying to install it on, and there’s no GUI response or any indication that the file is even running when opened…

Server requirements state either Win 7 or Server 2008 as minimum requirements. I’d have to assume the client has the same?

Just curious, what are you running win2000 for?

It’s a Biesse Arrow CNC, running NC1000, and it can’t be upgraded past Windows 2000, which is extremely stupid

I did wonder that, but couldn’t find any validation on it

Unfortunately you cannot connect to windows 2000. You may be able to use the VNC option in SimpleHelp to get around this but I’ve never tried it.

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Alright, I’ll give that a shot. Thank-you!

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