Remote Access Client Installation Issue 5.2

When installing a new Remote Access Client Service on a windows client after the 5.2 upgrade we are seeing after we close the session we are unable to reconnect. The RAC appears offline in the technician console. Upon further investigation we are finding the “Remote Access Service” service is stopped. After we manually from the client computer start the service the RAC will appear online through the Technician console.

Update on this. The service was getting picked up by windows defender and quarantined.

The resolution was to exclude the remote access executable.


Did you open a ticket with SH support? They might have a digital signature issue.

A ticket was created.

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Did they confirm that there was an issue?

Any update on this? I went to update over the weekend from 5.1.x but decided to look at these forums first. Saw this issue and stopped, I don’t feel like whitelisting on 1500 computers.

Probably wise - 5.2.x seems a little unstable.

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I have not had any follow up from SH on my ticket.

However there has been several updates since this was reported. I’ll have to recheck if this issue was resolved inadvertently with the latest 5.2.5 release.