Remote install for linux

Hello, I’m tasked with creating hundreds of Linux boxes to send out to clients with gnome installed, and custom applications.

I’ve gotten the CentOS 7 kickstart to work so I can just create them at will, hostname changed, salt installed, and all services and code is pulled and working but I’m having a slight issue getting simplehelp to install using salt.

I’ve taken the tar file and extracted the binary, but I get access denied I assume when it tries to open the application in a display. Does anyone know a workaround to install simplehelp without being on the box to actually open it?

Thanks for the forum by the way, I love it.

I figured it out, for others looking:

with the untar’d binary in my salt store:

salt $MINION cp.get_file salt://RemoteAccess /root/RemoteAccess
salt $MINION 'export DISPLAY=:0;chmod +x /root/RemoteAccess;/root/RemoteAccess