Remote msi install?

There’s not a lot of documentation on using Tools & Toolboxes. I’d love to see an example of how I can deploy an MSI package, for example, silently, via Tools. I’ve attempted it without much success by doing the following:

  1. Upload MSI as a resource
  2. Specify C:\ as the working directory (I’d prefer to use %temp% variable, but there’s no documentation that will tell me whether or not this will work!)
  3. Run msi with /quiet switch from working directory

The MSI uploads (most of the time), but then I can’t actually tell what’s happening afterwards. Am I doing this wrong? Are there best practices? Should I be calling msiexec.exe w/ param for my MSI? Should i be executing it by calling it via cmd.exe? Help would be appreciated.


Please follow these steps. All tested! :slight_smile:

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To deploy an msi from the toolbox you need to call msiexec.exe and depending on the msi I use quite, qn and norestart. For the temp directory, I always set it to c:\temp. Not sure if a variable works. Never tried to use a variable.

Here is a working example. Just change the msi file:
msiexec.exe /i testapplication.msi /quiet /qn /norestart