Remote PC login

After updating to 5.4.2 SimpleHelp is now asking me for admin username and password when i send ctrl-alt-del to a remote computer and I can’t go around it. I tried local admin/password, domain admin/password but nothing works. Clicking on “Prompt for elevated access on the remote computer” doesn’t do anything either.

Others have been having issues with this build in another thread, personally I skipped this version because the digital signature of the Windows download was invalid. I informed George about this, he said they are releasing a new build tomorrow v5.4.3

I went from v5.3.8 to 5.4 and now on 5.4.1

If you have a backup, you could revert back to old version until this version is stable.

5.4.1 didn’t work for us because of the LDAP auth issues. 5.4.2 fixed the LDAP issue but now it asks for the admin user/pass.
Rolling back to 5.3.9