Remote power on device integration

My clients aren’t on my network, obviously. Wake-On-LAN does nothing when the machine is off. I see an opportunity for SimpleHelp to make some money.

$10 device that can power on a machine remotely. Integrate it into SimpleHelp, sell it for $50, I’d buy a dozen of them for all my servers. Home users not so much, but for servers very cool. Not as cool as IPMI but also a fraction of the cost.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
WOL should also work as long as at least 1 SimpleHelp machine is alive on the same network.

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I’ve seen remarks (not necessarily here) on WOL from one PC to another. Is there a technique you could share?

Thank you!

WakeOnLan is a small program that will help you understand how to get it working. Search for it, it’s free.

Not sure what exactly you mean.
Information about WOL:

If your using a managed switch make sure your switch WOL support is enabled or at least not blocking it.
Also make sure to enabled WOL on your endpoint. Usually enabled in the bios. To wake windows from sleep you also need to enable WOL in windows on your network adapter.

Once thats all enabled, you can use a free app like Ted_clark suggested to test it. You can also use powershell.

Once you confirm it works, you can use WOL with simplehelp. An existing computer on the same network segment/switch also needs to be on to wake another pc. If all computers on that segment/switch is off, WOL will not work for you. There needs to be atleast one computer online.