Remote support client without webpage

For a variety of reasons, including server browsers without ability to run javascript, we would like to be able to keep a copy of the remote access client on a thumbdrive or other portable media and install it on customer system without use of a webbrowser. We support both 32 and (mostly) 64-bit windows systems. What is the best way to build this type of image?


At your simplehelp server look for a DEPLOY/customer/ folder. Inside you will find all the packages you need. Just copy those into a usb drive and deploy as you need. I hope this helps!

i see the images, but when I try to right click run as administrator, the program fails to start. are there command line parameters or something here to tell the .exe what to do?

I downloaded the files using the website and then saved those .exe’s to a thumbdrive. That seems to be good.

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Glad you got it. I apologize for the delay.


Glad to hear you have this working, generally speaking it’s best to download from the server’s web page (e.g. /access or /support) using the public URL that you want the app to connect back to because the server will embed it into the download.