Remote Support on macOS

Am I missing something with supporting macOS?

User grabs Remote Support, fills in details and joins the support queue.
We connect, and can see and do nothing.
The “Controlling macOS Permissions” really doesn’t give me a way of walking a user through enabling the setting to give me control of the system.

While I can use and support a mac system to at least a basic level, navigating blind is nigh on impossible.

It’s great having support for macOS, but it really should be easier to get going as most of our mac users are not tech savvy at all.

If I am missing something I really would appreciate being pointed in the right direction…

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Permissions in MacOS that started showing up in Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15).

Off the top of my head, in System Prefs > Security and Privacy, on the Privacy tab, users need to enable Accessibility for Remote Access and Remote Support.

Full Disk Access the same.

And in Catalina, Screen Recording also needs to be allowed - otherwise you can’t see the screen.

I’ll see if I have some screenshots kicking around a bit later.

Oh and screen recording cannot be added manually - not that I’ve found. It will prompt to allow it (and then add it) when a connection is made. A total PITA.

Is there not a way for SH to add to the installer a request for access? Or at least instructions for the end user to follow to provide access?

Welcome David.

Support ticket or feature request I think.

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This is not an issue with Simple-Help, but rather a security implementation in macOS 10.14 or later. You could send the client a PPPC profile that would allow the permissions needed, ratrher than walking them through it. Take a look at this:

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Thanks Scott,
I will take a look.

To be clear, to push these profiles you’d need at least a user approve MDM installed. With 10.15, you’ll need the end user to allow screen recording regardless, because Apple.

In the current bet of Big Sur the end user will have to have admin access to allow screen recording, because Apple.