Remote work licensing

Maybe this topic has been already discussed…here’s my scenario, I have the standard tiers…in order to get the “remote work” I would have to have the business tier, correct?

My second question is, how does licensing work for remote work? I currently have 2 technician seats, let’s say I want to enable 5 remote work accounts, would I have to get 5 more seats (as if they were technicians?) or does remote work have their own license counter?

Remote Work is licensed separately from standard technician sessions so that usage by your customers does not impact your ability to utilize your licensed sessions for support purposes.

I don’t currently use it so I don’t know how pricing works. They were offering it free for a time period. I don’t see anything referencing a business license. Far as I can tell it should be available as long as you are past version 5.2.8

Your best bet would be to contact SimpleHelp Directly for more details.
Hopefully, they will add more details to their website soon.
Maybe Chris can chime in? @Chris_Bonn

Thank you Darrell for always taking the time and being so helpful.

My trial has expired a long time ago, there’s a “buy” option on the remote work but it lands on a page to change the tier and/or add more tech seats, it’s not possible to add remote work.

I also read a recent comment stating that it was still free, however I would like to get it to see if I can overcome an issue and see if it’s viable.

thanks again for your feedback.

Yes, I’ve responded to Marco separately but for general awareness I can confirm Remote Work is currently free with a valid license and the guide to getting started is here:

Thank you Chris,
I appreciate very much your assistance.