Remote Work Login

Can anyone give me the last finishing touches on setting up Remote Work? I have the computer enabled. I set it to send the user an email, with which they could get the app that links to the PC.
I’d like them to authenticate using the PC’s credentials (local PC, no domain involved). When we try the login and enter the PC credentials, we get ‘Incorrect Password’. Awaiting response on ticket, but if I could solve yet today, it would be great!
Thank you

Personally I have not used Remote Work. But if you do get it figured out, be sure to post back so others can take advantage of the time you put into finding a solution. :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure this out? I am trying it out for the first time and absolutely cannot find any combination of login that works.

What type of login are you using on the PCs? just a regular PC login, or a Microsoft Office login which uses an email address?

If you use the email address, I have found that it works if you precede the login name by AzureAD\

George sent me some more details on the steps to setup. Will be testing today and will share.
This is just for a local account login. No active directory or Office 365 login.
Ian_Durrant, if you have any details to share on what you have setup and your approach, it would be great if you could share

Our notes thus far. Let me know if you want any elaboration.

Prerequsites per Simple Help Support:
Login to Simple Help server as SimpleHelpAdmin
Switch to the Administration tab, and then select the Remote Work section
Make sure “Allow Operating System Authentication” is enabled, and that the listed Remote Work group exists as a Technician Group

Setup SimpleHelp Persistent Connection to the office PC
Enable Remote Work
Prompt for Setup-> Enter Email
At the remote PC, the user gets email with link to the work PC
Open link and download, run SimpleHelp application. It will be purple to distinguish from other types of connections
PC authentication will be requested; use whatever PC credentials the user normally uses. I’ve only tested with a local account, not domain. YMMV
Simple Help password (if set on the persistent connection) will be requested; use the SimpleHelp password designated by Simplehelp server admin
Computer login screen will be displayed. Have user proceed with login.