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Remote work says expiring in 6 days


My Classic 5 SimpleHelp license is good through 5/24/2024 (just renewed)
BUT on the same page it shows that my Remote Work license expires in 6 days! (05/31/2023)!
Anyone else seeing this?

I do have a couple remote Work users, so this will be a problem if it is true…
I could find no place to upgrade/update my Remote Work licenses
I tried restarting the SH service, but that did not effect the RemoteWork expire date
I opened a support ticket


Please update us here. I want to roll out Remote Work to a subset of users but I’ve been waiting for clarification on licensing.


Replied to Bob separately, but Remote Work licenses once set up automatically renew themselves every few days (while Remote Work is free, as it will be for a while yet).

You only need to make sure your license is in support, your account is linked in License and your server can communicate with ours.


Mine’s due for renewal too… Nice 33% increase in the classic license renewal price this year lol


And with that increase…more bugs. 5.4.6 and 5.4.7 have been awful


Did you install your new license from the Administration tab?


yes, from the admin tab


Have to voice what others have said above slightly; disappointed in the number of feature suggestions provided personally and minimal implementation. It might be that the main programmer is busy implementing these features, but very few updates have been provided to explain what is in the pipeline to be implemented next or whether there is no progress. Still waiting for the mobile app to be completed aren’t we?


I agree 100% Josh, disheartening especially with the dramatic renewal price increase.

FYI, the Mobile app actually works, but you must work the customer through choosing to enter your SERVER address and your SERVER code in lieu of the ‘Connection code’ that you sent them as the ‘Connection code’ you sent is alpha-numeric and the the ‘Connection code’ input box in the iphone app only accepts numbers. the other bit is that you have to guide the customer through clicking the 3 dots at the bottom of the page and select “Enable Screen sharing” which looks like it is already selected… easier to have them use the free anydesk app to view their iphone for now