Remote working pricing - nearly caught out!

One thing that I might have got caught out by is that the remote working is charged per enabled workstation. So if you just enable, say, all 20 computers at a company, you’ll get charged 20 lots of $3 even if nobody takes advantage of it, and registers.

I know it’s sort of obvious when I think about it, but it wasn’t immediately obvious when I first set it up. Just thought I’d point it out. I realise it’s free for the moment of course.

By the way, how is the total calculated for the monthly billing? Is it based on the maximum you had during the month, or is a snapshot of the number of enabled workstations taken on a particular date?

If it’s based on the maximum, then theoretically, I could accidentally click on remote working for all 600 of our workstations and end up with a large bill at the end of the month.

would be interest to know. Don’t fancy being billed for 1000 licenses in July

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Is there a page on remote working pricing? I’ve just enabled it but I believe it’s free until July? Not looked at it in earnest yet.

Is this the case for Remote Work Pricing? I thought it was still free for the foreseeable future? Will licensing be charged in groups of 20 Devices at $3 per license?