"Request connection" doesn't prompt after previous connection

Before I open a ticket, I thought I’d check here to see if other people are seeing this behaviour and/or if it’s expected.

I have SH configured to not require permission to connect to machines.

However, if I have already connected to a machine (in any way - view only, file transfer, etc.) first, and then later “request connection” it does not ask the user but simply immediately connects.

This seems to persist until I restart the SH server (net stop, net start).

My use case for this is a bit of an edge case so not a big deal, just curious if others see this too.

If you configured SH to “not required” permission to connect - no “request connection” should be in any case.
If you configured SH to “required” - no “request connection” after reconnecting is a SH feature.
If you want to turn it off - add 1 before in serverconfig.xml.