Run SimpleHelp for FREE on Google GPC

I’ll start by saying im a big Azure Fan, most of my clients are on Microsoft Azure, but there is nothing free unless you use the Visual Studio Subscriptions, your not gonna get a VM at low cost. B1LS are still a few bucks.

So ive been running SimpleHelp on Debian 9 for free on Google Cloud Platform.
You must select the right datacenter from google and you need a few configuration for dynamic IP change, however its been running great with 100 agents.

Yes it can run on raspberry PI, on VMWARE machine, but having it on the cloud is one less trouble.

Feel free to add your experience.

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Hi this great to know, as I have a client who would love to use SimpleHelp but has been reluctant, as they would prefer a cloud offering, but don’t want the cost of even a very small system.

If you don’t mind can you share what the resources are on the free tier for the Debian system you are running?

I’d like to share this option with my client.

Thank you

Some GCP location offer free compute if you choose the right Region. Its not well documented.
It runs debian 9 stretch its almost as powerfull as a Raspberry Pi 3-4.

Ive been using this for 6 months with 60 agents.
Never had any issue

I also have other clients with 2000 agents on Azure windows. Also works flawless.

This all depends of your agent count but you can really do cloud simple help on a budget!!

Have fun

I have been using AWS. Cost for t3a.micro instance hovers around $12

I use a small server on Linode for about $10/month We have 5 technicians
Debian 8, Linode 2GB: 1 CPU, 50GB Storage, 2GB RAM