Screen not rendering correctly on connection in 5.3.2

Anyone have a problem with rendering when connecting? This is the same laptop I mentioned in another comment where sometimes it’s black:

On this particular machine, I had to reconnect three times before screen rendered correctly. Each time it connects, display rendered correctly for a flash and then black screen.

Hi Rob,

I was having that problem with a client who was a client of another MSP. It was happening during 5.2.1. We decided it might have been caused by the Kaseya suite installed.


Hi, Rob: Have you determined anything about this? Is it prevalent? Or any other factors (such as mentioned by Doug S.)?


It’s rather intermittent - and doesn’t happen with every target system. I wonder if it’s dependant on the graphics card of the client.

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Trying to see if I want to stir up a hornet’s nest of a base of about 400 computers. Have you had any dialog with support?

Have you tried “User Slower comprehensive capture”?

I’ve had issues like that with previous versions and this always resolved my issue.

I’m about to connect this second to the client computer in question so will try that if it fails…

Later - yes it failed but “Use slower comprehensive capture” is already on.

Later still - turned that feature off and it still took 3 reconnects to get a correctly rendered screen.

Not yet - as it’s limping along, it wasn’t top priority. It’s only happening on a couple of computers so far.

I had an email convo with George. They have not been able to reproduce any rendering issues. However, he did advise 5.3.3 was due out imminently and to wait for it before I upgrade my 5.2.16 server.

It’s highly variable - what I have noticed is that the “grey screen” I sometimes gets disappears if I wait for a few seconds. Something has changed in 5.3.x around the initial configuration - it does seem to take a bit longer to connect than before. It could be me being impatient and clicking reconnect.

For the last few times, I’ve started ShareX recording the screen to see if I can capture it and each time I do that, it works fine. Sods law!

Here is an example of a black screen for a long time - I think it only rendered correctly when I clicked in the window after 20s+: Blank screen on connecting

I’ve just connected to another client and got the blank screen. This time I did have to reconnect.

5.3.3 was due out imminently”

Has anyone received anymore updates on when this maybe released?

No. In the context of the rendering issue, earlier this week, I asked support about installing 5.3.2. It was suggested I should wait for 5.3.3, that it would be sometime this week.

5.3.3 has been released today.

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Hasn’t fixed the rendering problem. Just reconnected to a client’s laptop that I use for remote support - screen corruption:

Here is a video of the effect:

I did notice that colour was set to full but switching back to High didn’t really help. Here is a video showing the effect. My home internet connection is 200Mbps and I did a speed test on the client and it’s 300Mbps as expected.

Later… I rebooted the client computer and it appears better at the moment. This laptop is a remote support device that is rarely rebooted.

Support have also got back to me suggesting a restart. Transpires that sometimes the client doesn’t update cleanly requiring a restart.

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