Script / Alert To check Anti Virus Software

Hi guys,

I know there is currently a script/alert trigger that flags if no AV is detected on a device but is there anything that can be run to check if a paticular AV software is installed. IE we want to be warned for certain customer if Sophos Endpoint is detect so we can install if required. Other customers might need to detect is Avast is installed.

Any ideas?

You could write a toolbox script to look for a particular service or directory path. Then return a different exit code depending upon whether you find it or not.

Then you could setup an alert based upon the custom toolbox item and error code

What I do is setup an alert based on running services. No need for custom script. For example I use bitdefender. I know bitdefender installs a service. You can check it using services.msc. So I setup an alert to check services with any service name that matches Bitdefender*

Cheers guys. Managed to set a alert for checking if the service is running or not.