Server Offline Alerts

Hello All,

What triggers or suggestions to have for using simple-help to alert if a computer or server is down?


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In Technician console…

  • Select the main tab of “Alerts”
  • Then select the sub tab of “Events”
  • Click “New Server Alert” button
  • (in lower portion of right-hand side of screen) Rename “New Alert” to whatever you want (ex. DunderMifflin DC Down)
  • Then under “Remote Machine Events” tick the “Remote Machine Offline” option
  • At the top of the lower right section (where you named the alert) there are three icons, currently the wrench is selected, click the next one to the right (the filter icon)
  • Change the radial dot to “Include events that match one or more filters”, then click the “Add a new filter” button
  • This part is up to you, but you are looking to be able to match the server that you want to be alerted on, so in this case if I would normally change “any data” to be “machinename” and “equals” and then would write the name of the machine exactly how it is named in the “Access” portion of technicial (ex. Dunder Mifflin - DC)
  • At the top of the lower right section now click on the icon next to the filter icon (looks like a running man, maybe to mean “action”) then at the bottom of the right side click “Add an Action”
  • Now just pick whatever action you want it to take, and when you want it to happen. Keep in mind that if you chose to have it email you your email smtp settings must be setup under the admin logon of technician.
  • There is no “Save” button, Just click onto another tab in Simple-Help and it should be good.
  • Test and make sure it’s doing what you would expect.

Note: you can use a filter or multiple filters (the filter icon) to report on any number of machines, take a look at your options. For example you could put all machines into a group called “Monitored Machines” that you want to be alerted if they go down and then for your filter choose “machineGroups” “equals” “Monitored Machines”

This section definitely needs a rework by SH, it’s not intuitive, and the options aren’t consistent through the process. Something like a “Next” button to bring you through the process and a “Save” at the end would be much better, almost like a wizard. But once you make a couple you get the hang of it.

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You Rock! Thanks for taking the time to write up such a detailed response. I was able to get it working.

I would agree Simple-Help could hopefully make that a little easier in the future updates. For now this is a great options.

Thanks again!!

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No problem, happy monitoring :slight_smile: