Session freezing after unlocking remote computer

Upgraded to 5.5.0 yesterday and session now often freezes on unlocking remote computer. In this case, I connected to a computer, typed in the PIN and then it froze. A reconnect operation brings it back. From memory, SH used to often “Reconnect” automatically itself after unlocking a computer - looks like that functionality is now broken.

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This is the capture mechanism getting bamboozled and not realising it’s stopped refreshing. We’re working on it presently.

As a workaround, it’s slightly less inconvenient than doing a reconnect to do anything that would cause a refresh of the capture mechanism like adjusting the zoom level which changes the target capture area, changing the capture update speed etc.

As a reminder to all: Report issues like this into the Support mailbox in the first instance.

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I’ve just raised a support ticket.