Setting up backup site

has anyone posted a step by step procedure to setup a backup site?

I’ve had a couple of email exchanges with support so I know it’s possible but I haven’t found a complete guide.


YOu have a couple of options. SimpleHelp Has Guides for them.

You can buy the enterprise version for full redundancy.

You can also just run 2 servers and add 2 entries to each client to connect to both servers.

what I did was setup a AWS server that turns on every night to run rsync at boot after rsync is done it turns back off.

this gives me a server I can turn on in the event of a DR on AWS and the costing comes down to about 1.50 a month since the server is off for most of the month.

Brian, that is brilliant. I am assuming with rsync you are using some flavor of linux for your servers. How do you redirect your clients? Do you rely on a ddns service?