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Setup a machine for remote work when SimpleHelp can't connect to email server


I still haven’t been able to send email from SimpleHelp (there is a different thread I started for that problem). How can I setup a Remote Work user without using email?

I ended up creating a tech with access only to that machine which enabled the user to test it out but it’s using one of my two concurrent connections.


Not the answer to all of your questions for things that should work, but maybe consider a second cheap email service that I use for things like SimpleHelp (I use mxroute, just don’t try to use them for anything unsolicited or any kind of marketing), just add it to your SPF / DKIM records - have had no issues going this route as opposed to running everything through my 365 services.


Think I might re-subscribe to AuthSMTP - have used it in the past - $36/year and deliverability was fine


I subscribed to AuthSMTP and successfully setup SH email in under 10 minutes. Thanks again for the good suggestion.