SH Support Responding to Tickets for you?

Hi Folks,

I’ve opened 2 different SH support tickets (Mar 23 and Apr 15) and licensed long time user and not a single response except for the automated support reply. I’m concerned SH as a company is starting to struggle from a support response perspective. Are other people seeing this lack of support responses? I have started to look at different options just in case.

A Sad SH Customer

Their support varies. I don’t usually have to wait more than a few days, sometimes much shorter. It seems quite odd that you’ve had to wait that long though.

I usually have to wait a few days but I am getting a little bit jittery. I love Simple-Help and I’ve used it for over 5 years. My main client is using my second license but we need to move them onto their own system. I’ve been looking at pricing of a pure-web solutions and Simple-Help doesn’t compete that well anymore on cost. RemotePC HelpDesk would give us five technicians for $24.95 (!) for the first year but then $249.50/year. Simple-Help would be $1,350 for the first year (standard edition). Support renewal would be £400/year (sorry only got UK renewal prices) plus we need to add-on hosting costs for Simple-Help - maybe £600/year.

Simple-Help really has worked well for me but I’ve used RemotePC for other clients and it seems good enough. Please tell me I’m missing something?

PS. Sorry for hijacking thread but the undertone is about a company not doing that well :frowning: Hope I’m reading it completely wrong! My renewal for support is up in 5 days and I’m finding myself pausing…

So far I have not had any issues with support. My last ticket in April took 2days.
Price could be more competitive or additional features added. I really like the flexability of SimpleHelps toolbox feature, and the perpetual license.

Please be aware that they have 2 different claims in their marketing.
The offer you found in google says unlimited computers. But if you have a look at their licensing table on the main website it says that all licenses have limited remote machine installs. (50-200).
The option for 200 computers is also an upgrade to the most expensive license.

However I would also appreciate it if Simple-Help would keep their community a bit more up to date.

I switched to Simple-Help for the reason that it’s self hosted and has a desktop client which makes work with many servers way easier.

Whenever it’s time to renew the support, I wait till there’s an update, which could be 2-3 months from renewal date. That reduces the average annual cost of renewal for us. Now if they’d do updates more often…

Thanks for the heads up there. Will be checking out licensing in more detail. My main client is heading towards 200 endpoints. Me personally - I’ll be sticking with SH for another year at least as it works well for me and the £80/year renewal is fine.

Yes Rob. To second another comment, why don’t you renew when you have a significant update? At times the updates introduced won’t make a difference.
Also, it’s interesting that you factor in hosting cost. If your main client needs its own server then why not have an on-premise server that would cost less than hosting one? Look at it this way, if your client is down because of network issues you wouldn’t be able to reach its clients with a third party hosting anyway. As your client you can provide the same support to maintain the simple-help server as well as the clients.

Agree with you here. Self hosted is what makes SH distinguish itself from the competition. Barely everyone went to the cloud solution but SH. I don’t know of any other software similar to SH that’s self-hosted.

My main client who uses my 2nd license has a security policy where all software must be patched and up to date. This is especially sensitive for the remote access solution where, in effect, you can access any laptop without additional approval.

Aside from SimpleHelp they are 100% cloud only and using 3rd party services - another policy. So this sticks out like a sore thumb. It currently runs on my private server at home but is soon going into the Azure cloud (as everything else is M365). BTW they are not price sensitive but if alternatives are clearly significantly cheaper, then I have a duty to consider them.

And personally I like this because I like managing servers. Which is why it’s for a single-man contractor, it running on my server is fine. But for a 200 person company working for high profile clients, this simply doesn’t fit. Functionally, there is no problem, in fact, it works very well.

Everyone else has gone for the cloud and software-as-a-service for well documented and mostly sensible reasons. The original comment about concern about lack of support worries people.

I see, much clearer what’s your situation and why you’re making the choices you’re making.

Understandably. In fact it’s weird two tickets have gone unanswered.

We have over 500 endpoints now. We’ve been using SH since 2012 or 13 and I’d be really loathe to change to something else. We have looked at other solutions but nothing seems to be as flexible. The only thing I’d say is that some of the other solutions do include patching and updates enforcement for endpoints.


We have been using SimpleHelp since 2009 at my current employer and I have used it at my previous employer. Generally, the few support requests have been responded to within 1-2 days. One of my recent requests took longer but that was a low priority request. I am not a fan of the price increases and some of the limitations.

We initially purchased the product because the pricing and features fit our needs. unlike the competitors of the day, it offered an on-premise solutuion with a perpetual licensing model with a modest anual mainenance charge. We are grandfathered into an original product license. We would like to use some of the advanced features but it would quadruple our annual cost to move to the new licensing model.

We love the product overall.

We hope that Simple Help will not force us to an annual subscription like so many other companies have.

That’s not correct: Can you direct me to where on our site is displaying that so I can fix it?

As per our license table here: only our Standard license has a remote machine registration limit, and that is at 1000 machines.

I do note our Business license’s own page erroneously states a five thousand machine limit, that’s going on the list.

(I’ve responded to EVsAreFast directly)

Chris responded and I provided screen shots of the website support submissions confirmations and the email where I fwded one of those confirmations which resulted in 0 responses out of 3 contacts. Right now, support is 1 of 4 (I credit Chris for responding to this post). I hope he’s able to get to the bottom of this problem.

Hello Chris,

my post was about the competing product @Rob_Nicholson was talking about.
Sorry for the confusion.

Phew, appreciate the clarification! And thanks to you for prompting me to find some things to fix on our own marketing :slight_smile:

Update re: why SH Support didn’t respond. Their web submission and even email system leverages the same email filtering solution and my messages were being filtered out. Chris of SH confirmed they were working to fix this issue.