Shared Toolboxes to get started

Are there any existing places where SimpleHelp users have shared the tools from their toolboxes to help get started modifying/creating my own?

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That’s what I came here for.
The lack of activity on this board is a little scary. I’m still on my trial.
Some pre-configured alerts would save a lot of time too.

Alerts are pretty easy to setup and because they will have to be assigned to specific machines, anyway it is better to create because it only takes a few seconds. If there is any need for help, feel free to let me know of the specific need and I’ll be able to reply with steps. I’ve been enjoying simplehelp for several years. The improvements have been huge and no problems. If a bug is found they quickly issue an update. We manage a large amount of machines and use alerts and toolbox, so feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

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Here is a toolbox script I use to test for getting an alert if a device fails a ping. This is obviously to monitor a device that a Simple-Help agent cannot be installed on. I schedule this and filter it against a windows machine that has network access to it. Seems to work well.

@echo off
set “host=”

ping -n 1 “%host%” | findstr /r /c:"[0-9] *ms"

if %errorlevel% == 0 (
echo Success.
) else (



Thanks for the script. It can be very useful!


Hi Chris, thanks for coming to the site and trialling SimpleHelp. The community is quite sparse at the moment but it has only been live for a very short time so far. We will most likely send an email out to our existing customers and users to let them know about it in the coming weeks and I would expect things to pick then.

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Hi Chris,

I do consulting for MSP’s who use the well known remote access tools. For my own client base I use SimpleHelp. When I started years ago SimpleHelp wasn’t quite as good feature wise but over the years has become better than any of them in performance and features. It’s also easier to deploy. At this point it’s also one of the few you can host yourself which is very cost efficient


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Thats a great example… thanks!

Hi Chris, we’ve been using SimpleHelp for over 5 years and it’s been great.
Every year it just keeps getting better.


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Script to Toggle Caps Lock
$wsh = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell

Command to open Control Panel

Command to open Task Manager


I’ve only just got the email from SimpleHelp telling me the forum exists for that would explain why it’s rather quiet.

I think once everyone knows this forum is here it will be very helpful - I use this forum software with another software vendor and the exchange of expertise is phenomenal.

I think the alerts in the software should invite people here. I stumbled on the new forum when I went to renew my licenses.

Welcome everyone :slight_smile:

It took us a while to choose a good forum and get up and running but we’re quite excited about the possibilities.

Having the software invite people to the forum is an interesting idea (thanks Doug), maybe we could have a one time technician message notification in the next update.

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Ohh I’ve been there done that with Campaign for Real Ale. They um’d and ahh’d for ages and I just kept saying “Discourse… it’s not perfect but it’s better than everything else and is actively developed”. My biggest gripe for non-technical use is the lack of a WYSIWYG markdown editor. But for technical audiences, it’s fine as we all know markdown, don’t we :wink: