Show or Extracting DNS Info

I need to get the DNS information for all the endpoints in SH. Is there a way to extract that into a CSV? I already tried the extracting that via the SH but it doesnt show the DNS in the report

Can’t help directly with how you can do this via SH as I only have the basic license so can’t run automatic scripts etc. But here is a bit of PowerShell to list the information you need:

ForEach ($NetAdapter In Get-NetAdapter | ? Status -eq "Up") {
	$IPAddress = $NetAdapter | Get-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 -EA Silent
	If (!$IPAddress) {Continue} # no IP address assigned so ignore
	$IP = $IPAddress.IPAddress + "/" + $IPAddress.PrefixLength
	$DNS = ($NetAdapter | Get-DnsClientServerAddress -AddressFamily IPv4).ServerAddresses
	$GW = ($NetAdapter | Get-NetIPConfiguration).IPv4Defaultgateway.NextHop
	$DHCP = (Get-CimInstance Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -Filter "InterfaceIndex=$($NetAdapter.InterfaceIndex)").DHCPServer
	If (!$DHCP) {$DHCP = "Static"}
	$Speed = $NetAdapter.LinkSpeed
	[PSCustomObject] @{Name = $NetAdapter.Name; IP = $IP; DNS = $DNS; Gateway = $GW; DHCP = $DHCP; Speed = $Speed}