Simple Help 5.2 Beta Discussion

There are some really cool new features coming to SimpleHelp

More info here:

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Looks like Catalina is getting some love in 5.2. Has anyone tried the beta yet? How stable is it?
If I try the Beta, and it is too unstable, can I easily revert?

Love the idea of tabbed windows and better support for multiple display windows because to be honest, at the moment, I hit Windows-P on connecting to switch back to single screen and then put it back afterwards. Really must start the trial of the business functionality.

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I’m looking forward to that as well as Machine Properties and being able to use SH to store resutls from scripts!

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Is the beta safe enough to try in a production environment? Is there a roll-back procedure in case something goes wrong?

Here are the things you should concider before using a Beta version of SimpleHelp.

The server itself is easy to revert provided you make a backup prior to upgrading. The difficulty lies in the Access clients as once you upgrade, those machines are going to upgrade as well. There really is no simple path backwards for them. Now if you only have a handful of access machines then that might not be such a big deal, but if you have a few thousand that I would advise against running the beta in production. What I have done in the past is use my license on a test rig to install a beta as a fresh install for testing. But our client base is too large to play with beta’s in our production environment these days.