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Simple Help Client Configuration Lost


I’m just looking for some help, we have around 200 PC sticks with simple help installed. Over the last year, randomly these sticks seem to just lose their simple help configuration and therefore just become unreachable via the administration. We have recovered one of these sticks and can’t find anything specific wrong with it, it’s just like the configuration was never there in the first place. (However it was). We have raised a support ticket, to which there hasn’t been very much help, I was just wondering if anyone had experienced similar things or has any idea of where to start looking. Since noticing the drop off we have upgraded to the latest version, but this doesn’t seem to have solved the issue. I’ve tried the simple help admin logs, but they just drop off essentially and nothing appears.


Should be logs on the PC that has information related to the connection. C:\ProgramData\JWrapper


Not sure if related, but we had issue in past with the ‘Automatically forget offline services’ checkbox in the Advanced Remote Access Administrative Options. No way to get them back except to reinstall/reconfigure after they disappeared. Not seeing the issue with 5.4x.


If I’ve not got my wires crossed, there was an issue where services on machines experiencing critical memory exhaustion or read/write issues during service boot could be tricked into thinking their configuration data was irreparably corrupt.

This shouldn’t happen on services on 5.4.5 or later (That is, they store it and try later, not that your your machines will be immune to all memory issues forever).