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Simple Help Gives Bad Port on HTTP => HTTPS Redirect


Hey, I’ve got a SimpleHelp 5.2.7 running on Debian. It’s configured to bind to port $IP:8080 and I use PREROUTING rules in my firewall to connect port $IP:80 and $IP:443 to $IP:8080 (SimpleHelp runs as a non-root users and cannot bind to 80,443). And this simplehelp is accessible from the public on all three ports.

However, if I enable the ‘HTTP => HTTPS’ redirector in SimpleHelp when I visit my system the HTTP redirect is malformed:

curl -v

The SimpleHelp is telling it to redirect to port negative one?

But if I visit on 443 w/o HTTPS the redirect looks OK; and if I visit on 8080 and try http or https it seems to work OK. It’s just the standard HTTP connection has a broken redirect.

Any ideas?


This may be related to an issue that another user reported with certain ports not connecting.