Simple Help Outdated?

My techs aren’t using SH, they are using Anydesk because users with Mac’s can’t connect to SH very easy and Anydesk can. I’m looking at the list for Anydesk and they do Android, IOS and everything else on the planet. Will Simple Help update and keep up? This is concerning.

Yes we do find that SH is a bit / a lot awkward to set up on a Mac, especially talking the end-user through going back and changing privacy settings over and over. Right PITA. The android/ios thing isn’t so concerning because we just remote onto a windows server using an app that does work on iOS like Jump and run the remote from there.
I just like the control we get through having our own server for SH and that it isn’t going to interfere with anything else (unless we come across someone else using SH, which is unlikely :slight_smile: ).

The only things that get me about SH is that it needs to have more tools integrated for doing things like patching, and it needs to have more telemetry immediately available (e.g. SMART). Also setting alerts has got to be made easier. I want to really quickly go to a PC and set an alert when it comes online for example. Yes, I could do it, but it’s a relatively fiddly process setting up a single alert just for that, and I’ve had problems with alerts not working quite right

Thanks for the feedback Ryan. Did the permissions controls in 5.2.14 not help with the Big Sur management challenges?

I just added SH on my daughters new Mac Air. All I can see is her desktop background, nothing else. I’ve had her go into settings and I added Remote-Support and had her reboot. Same thing.

My techs won’t even use SH on Mac’s anymore. They are using the free version of Anydesk which I don’t like them to use.

The permissions controls in 5.2.14 made a huge difference. Not just that they exist, but that you can pop the instructions and System Preference windows back up if the user closes them. One change I would suggest is to put the Screen Recording prompt first. That would make it easier to walk the user through the Accessibility setup when we can see the screen.

I have it working on a few macs including M1 and it works well.

It works well once it’s installed, but having to go through tedious sets of preferences is annoying. It’s just too complex for the typical mac user to handle. 50% of the time, it’s a problem.

That’s MAC secuirty for you…

I get the same issue with AnyDesk