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SimpleHelp 5.2.16 and 5.3 Beta


Two new releases of SimpleHelp are out today:

SimpleHelp 5.2.16
A small point release of 5.2.16 with a handful of fixes. Please see the Release News for details.

SimpleHelp 5.3 Beta
An early release of 5.3 is now available on our Downloads page. It is a preliminary release aimed at gathering feedback. It is not ready for production just yet. Specifically, at this date we are looking for feedback regarding:

  • The new Tags feature in the Access tab.
  • The stability of the new Linux and macOS Remote Access Service.
  • M1 macOS support.

We welcome and appreciate all feedback and thoughts that you may have. Please send any feedback to



So excited about some of those 5.3 features. Big thanks for SH continuing to add and inovate, and not stand still and maintain!


Any estimated release date for 5.3? I’ve done a bit of testing locally and the new features look sweet, but I don’t want to throw it into production and botch everything :wink:


Sorry for my ignorance but what is the recommended way of testing out the beta? Setup a completely new server with the beta code and install the agent on some test machines that don’t require the production agent for support?


I really like simplehelp, but one thing I would like to see is a client less tech console. Something that just works in the web browser.

SimpleHelp seems to have the better feature set, but these guys really have the web browser interaction with remote machines down.
Would love to see the tech console moved to the web browser so it could be used on anything easily, like a chromebook.


wouldn’t the work to a degree? I know its not full featured but it could workout.


I’m gonna be completely honest, I didn’t even know that was a thing. Definitely could use some UI love, but it’s a good start


Also, is it just me or does the Software tab not work? I got the beta working on my server, with all endpoints updated (running for about 9 hours with the new version now) and no agents have pulled in software details. Do I need to do something manually to enable this?


We use SCREENS (IOS app) and connect to our SimpleHelp server via SSH and nothing works better.


I tried, it doesnt scale well on a chromebook.


We use the Linux version of Technician Console with our Chromebooks and it works great, in fact its perfect.


yes, works on chromebooks that can do linux apps… as long as chromebook is x86, as technician is not compiled for arm architecture. Although it’s looking like that’s coming with version 5.3


Anyone who has tried the beta do you know if it fixes the issue with the tabs at the top when you have multiple connections going? When you have it expanded to show previews and you have a scroll bar going left to right, clicking between them expands the tabs more and more every time. Super annoying when working on multiple servers at once since you HAVE to switch to the preview windows to get the scroll bars. Also with the tabs shifting around when clicking it, it will sometimes move the tab to a window that you cannot put back in, wish there was a way to lock them in the tab and be able to scroll with only the computer name visible.

Thank you if anyone has an answer!


I had a dim memory of a web browser interface but had forgotten about it - that would have been handy on holiday when I only had my 8" Android tablet…


Any update on the beta and a list of new features? Always like a new version :slight_smile: It’s been 3 months since the last update.


Do we have any updates on the dev for 5.3?

Thank you


George told me last week that they’re in the final stages of releasing 5.3. They’re just getting the translations done and then one more sanity check and it’s done.


It may work for windows but there is no mac app so as far as support goes it is useless to us. Unless i am mistaken it still downloads an exe to run (which is very similar to v5.3 beta of SH(


I think you may be mistaken. The 5.3 version still supports Linux, mac, windows. Client, tech, and access.

The 5.3 beta had a lot of little bugs like not downloading the correct package or not showing the correct screen on the new welcome pages. But that’s not an indication of the final product.