SImpleHelp 5.2 Beta 5

Has anyone started using Beta 5? I just tried it, and while the server admin end of things seemed to work fine, and the technician stuff worked fine, all the download links for my customers to use to download the client were broken. It appears to be a configuration problem with the built-in webserver, but I’m not sure exactly what is going on. I’ve already opened a ticked with the devs, but wanted to see if there was anyone here who ran into something similar and already knew of a workaround.


I am not using the beta but I’m curious if you look at the path and then dig in to the dir structure on your SimpleHelp server, does the path exist? There should be a folder called HTML (that would be the root of the webserver)

I’m seeing the same issue as well.

Is there a release notes for each beta version available?

No, but the final version of 5.2 is out now with current release notes.