SimpleHelp 5.3.5 Bug

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Often when closing a session, I get a warning that says: “summary session cannot be saved” and it takes a couple clicks to close it. Also after this update rebooted machines almost never reconnect. You find yourself having to close the session and start a new one.

This has been sent to SimpleHelp support.


Glad to know I’m not the only one. Been having the session summary issue too since the update.


this is also happening to us as well, 6 technicians, all with the same issue, sessions will not close.

we get a notification that all sessions are in use and find that sessions from hours ago are still registered as open, we have to go to the active sessions tab and manually terminate the sessions.

Also strangely SimpleHelp technician console will not close, clicking the x in the top right does nothing, we have to open task manager and kill the application, this is on all 6 PC’s


Can you guys all please report the bug to SimpleHelp? The more who report it the more urgent the fix will appear and probably the quicker it gets fixed.

Yeah I had that same issue last night. Had to end the process to shut down the tech app.

When logging out, or rebooting the host, the session will fail.

Previously, the session would auto reconnect once the host came back online. Sometimes it does auto-reconnect, and then immediately fail after it re-connected.

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Had the same issue “summary session cannot be saved” - the session was showing in Active connections and would not close - I panicked and downgraded to 5.3.4. I emailed support and their answer was something like I was the only one having the issue and to send them logs. Good to see it happened to others and that the problem is not on my end.

@Tony Our techs are having same issues, closing a session either takes forever, or fails with an error. We’ll open up a ticket with support this morning. Haven’t done it yet as we’ve been slammed (and lazy)

FYI - update to fix (5.3.6) appears to be released -

Haven’t installed yet, but for those of you majorly affected go to town.

Yikes…Gotta revert to 5.3.5. Most sessions hosed now. Some work and most do not. Curious if others having this issue. If you connect you can see the screen and after a few seconds it hangs. Some it works others it does not. Redownloading and installing the software results in odd behavior like it can not connect to the server. So far on 9 systems.

Anyone else on 5.3.6 having issues?


I updated last night. So far everything been a lot better since the update, haven’t experienced the session saving bug anymore.

One of our techs has been in a 2 hr session since this morning and has had no issues with it hanging. We’ve had techs connected to Windows and Linux hosts after the update and no reported issues with either.

Thanks for that info. I submitted a ticket. Session logs show M614-04 16:45:04.373 (+ 0) [ScreenChunkGrabber] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (1) (y=35,x=0+<=16)

So maybe on my end. I am running the latest KDE plasma 5.24 on OpenSuse Tumbleweed under Wayland. Did not have these issues on 5.2.5. I will spin up a windows VM and install the tech console and see what happens and post back

Having TONS of problems with 5.3.6, all my Macs clients with Remote Access are no longer accessible. Screens are all grey on connection. I only see a mouse move. SH Customer crashes on connection. SH Support is aware. This sucks. I would avoid 5.3.6. I need to downgrade.

Yes it is not working for most of our connections but for others it does. Oddly I was supporting a Mac client with no issues. Seems rather random. For most of the connections if I connect and then move the mouse to the start button it crashes hard. Reconnect works. So this appears to be something with the tech client perhaps?

I only have v5.3.6 running in our QA /Test environment so testing is limited to a few Windows VMs.

So far I haven’t seen any issues after several hours of testing… However we were primarily focused on bandwidth consumption as we had seen a significant increase introduced with v5.3 in general compared with v5.2.18 due to the changes in the screen capture mechanism for newer Windows OS.

Do NOT upgrade to 5.3.6 since it broke access to all my macOS endpoints. I lost access to 50+ macOS endpoints. I had to downgrade to 5.3.5 and thankfully gained access since though I have the crappy summary session error hanging problem.

SH Support has had the logs from a broken endpoint example for 2+ days, and no response on a fix yet. I suspect they’re it’s a more difficult fix than expected in 5.3.6.