SimpleHelp 5.3.7 Bug Journal

Hey all, has anyone installed 5.3.7? If so what have the results been?
I skipped 5.3.6 due to problems reported in this forum.

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Serving 5.3.7 on Debian 11 and using Linux for the technician client while accessing Windows machines without issue. Had some screen hangups on 5.3.6 but nothing odd so far since upgrading.


History tab in tech console is now blank

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@Dennis_Clark - not sure if this is the issue, or if it will work for you, but you can try rebuilding the history index by following these steps. May be a good idea to backup config folder first in case this starts your server on fire :grin:

  1. Stop the SimpleHelp server
  2. Delete the folder:


  1. Restart the SimpleHelp server

The index will be recreated. This might take some time though

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Since the Update my Simple-Help server frequently stopped responding and got stuck with very high CPU and RAM usage.
It is hosted on Windows Server 2019.

Disabling session recording, auto upload and auto encoding fixed the issue for now.

Support is already informed.

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The macOS inaccessible issues under 5.3.6 for all my macOS clients (10+ clients I tested, I have about 50 macOS clients) was NOT fixed in 5.3.7 as per support. They can’t figure out what’s causing the problems. I plan to hold off for a few more versions until more people test it.

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@EVsAreFast I can test for you if you’d like, are they big sur, moterray, catalina?

When switching user, or restarting the Windows PC, the session fails and won’t reconnect. I have to completely close and re-open the session.


I think I may be the odd ball out. I have a server 2016 install and an aws linux install. Have not had issues with either so far. I only have 2 mac clients though and never connect to them except maybe once a year. I have near 2000 windows clients, both windows 10 and 11.

I did find one odd ball issue when a user tried to use a usb-c dock with a monitor attached. The laptop monitor was used as a second display. SimpleHelp could not determine proper screensizes and mouse location. Just had her unplug the dock while I worked. I have not submitted a ticket to support yet because I have not been able to recreate the problem yet to get logs. Odd ball problem and not enough time.

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I think they know about this one. I submitted a ticket and they confirmed that in rare cases, in a dual monitor setup, one of the monitors can appear shifted and the mouse coordinates are off. They said this will be fixed in 5.4.