SimpleHelp 5.3 Bug list (Not a report to support)

THIS THREAD is just for quick access to bugs in this build. If you post here that does not mean that SimpleHelp support is going to see it.

You should always post all bugs to:

The following bug has been reported by me: Alerts are not visible after updating to 3.5

Edit on 10-27-2021: I upgraded today and it installed version 5-3-20210701-135929. All the following issues are from that version. I just got a notice that version 5-3-20211027-123807 is available, but when I upgrade (using SimpleSetup), it still shows the installed version of 5-3-20210701-135929.

  1. When logging in, or unlocking a Windows 10 PC, the session hangs. You have to close and re-open the session.

  2. When installing a new ACCESS Agent, you can’t set the Group from the agent. Even though it’s there, the server doesn’t see it and puts it under “All Machines.” To fix, you have to Configure from the Tech console and CHOOSE the correct group. It shows the group name as ROOT, but once you save it, it renames ROOT to the group you selected.

  3. I always send users to: and this will allow them to download remote support. Now the URL is and this breaks all my support processes. I need the /customer folder removed and switched back.

Hi Drew, I do hope you put that in an actual support ticket to Simple-Help.

On the last bit though, I had some concerns about this as well but you can easily add a custom page so that the welcome page is not used. It’s done in the Server Features section, provided you have placed a page in the right location on your server.

I’m having real trouble on my Mac, with it “beachballing” and generally being very slow (M1). I’m also noticing that if I remotely connect twice to two machines using the technician console on a windows machine, I drop one of the connections.

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This is worrying. Mine too says there’s an upgrade available. But it’s exactly the same size as yesterday’s update, which leads me to believe it’s unchanged. Is this the wrong version that’s been uploaded?

There’s a new version available for download now. I’ve just installed it and it’s now showing 20211027-123807 in the technician console
I’ll let you know if it works better now!

We had a lot of Remote Work users complaining today…

According to support, there was a small subset of customers that got version 5-3-20210701-135929 instead of the 10/27 release. All 5 of my customers got the 5-3-20210701-135929. They fixed the issue and I now have 10/27. I’ll update on my listed issues later today.

the URL issue was resolved in the 10/27 update.

I got an email from SimpleHelp, apparently their system released an older build of 3.5 rather than the release version. If you haven’t already today, please download the correct build now on the SimpleHelp website and update.

Shouldn’t this thread be called 5.3 bug list??

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I think the preconfigured remote access installer has been broken in 5.3 so stick with your old installers for now. Will raise another topic.

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On the downloads.html page, it shows “Locate the file Remote Support-macos-online.dmg in your Downloads, and double click to open it.” rather than displaying the name in Administration ⇨ Branding ⇨ Application Name

Yes… Yes it should. :frowning: I must have been having a dyslexic moment.
Fixed the title.

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With the current build as of 10/28/2021 there is a bug which I have reported where in installing an access client does not let you set up the group. Nor can you delete the default group.

The work around is to leave the group alone and start the service. Then on your tech app move the machine where you want it to be.

I’m having the same issue with the group. All other issues I originally reported have been fixed with the correct version release.


Problem we have is that we have technicians who don’t have access to the entire tree - just limited to one Machine Group. Not end of world as they have to ask me to move once installed.

Just read some of the other reports here and I suspect the advice might be to wait a short while before upgrading to 5.3? The SH devs are going to have a busy few days :slight_smile:

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Another workaround is to click on ‘choose customer’ and log in

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Not a bad Idea. I got a response from support about the Access Client but. They are working on the fix now. I’d say a week or two wait prior to installing isn’t a bad plan. Overall it works very well now that we are on the actual release but the above bug is a bit of a pain.

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You can’t add the computer to the group in the simple help technician either! It just adds root, root, root etc.

In fact, even updating the simple url address in configure (without touching the group) ends up removing the computer from that group! It’s not just the installing an access client that is the problem. The actual group membership is broken in both client install and technician app.

Just so that you are aware.