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I’ve got some “not sure if bug or feature” things. Dragging the window from one monitor to the other, or in general just grabbing it from full screen to a windowed view, makes all of the panels resize.

When I search for a machine, I get a really tiny search box, and view buttons disappear. The only way to get the view buttons back is to hit the escape key on the keyboard.

Finally, I’m getting a yellow exclamation on a number of computers, but no information about why they are yellow. If I click on the machine, I see a yellow band above the CPU and Memory usage graphs, but there’s no data indicating what the alert is.

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I’d report the above if you haven’t already. None of that seems like a feature we’d want.

SSH/VNC connections are working but it’s almost impossible to breakthru a blank screensaver. Never had this issue with previous versions.
Once you can get to windows logon, everything works.

When upgrading none of our MAC computers upgraded the Remote Access agent. No issues with Windows.

Old WinXP shows 100% CPU on SHtech, when the real machine is only using 15-20%. Reboot doesn’t fix it.

I see thinks quickly jumped to 5.4.2 and now to 5.4.3.

How stable are people finding 5.4.3 ?

So far, so good.
I haven’t run in to anything yet on this version.

Only issue I am noticing is that we still cannot get MacOS systems to up the service. Still getting “This service attempted to update but the download was corrupt. For security this update has been refused.” with a Retry option that does not resolve the issue.

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Just ran in to this as well. Please report this to Support if you haven’t already.