SimpleHelp 5.5 Beta

A pre-release version of SimpleHelp 5.5 is now live on our downloads page:

SimpleHelp 5.5 Beta

Please note that this release is not production ready. We would greatly value any feedback on the release though. In particular, please let us know if you see any issues in the following areas:

  • Screen capture on older versions of Windows (Windows 7, 8 etc.)
  • App installation or upgrading issues
  • OpenID Connect / Azure AD authentication issues

Thanks for your support of SimpleHelp!

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Some nice improvements, Is SSO / Azure AD / OpenID going to be available at all license levels? Please say yes?

Also with the new Private Keys, where are those being used in the service?

These are used for SSL certificates, meaning you can use EC certificates in SimpleHelp or share EC certificates between SimpleHelp and other services.

Regarding SSO License levels - we’re unsure at the moment (it has been implemented to either be Standard or Business). We’re open to feedback on this one!

Is there anything planned for managing windows updates and 3rd party patching please? ideally a history log to go with it?

Personally, I hate it when companies lock SSO behind higher tiered offerings, SSO should be a standard not something locked behind a SSO tax, IMO.

There are a lot of companies that seem to think security is a premium offering, with the threat landscape we deal with daily today I think that mindset needs to change. I’m still on classic licensing too, if that matters.

As for the SSL, I was wondering if it changes the certificates being used between the server and the endpoints. Wondering if that would change for existing endpoints in place or if that would be something that only takes effect on a new installation?

The question comes from a desire that I’ve had to change how that server - endpoint communication is handled on my instance, I used the default license-based certificate generation long ago for that server, allowing the certificates to be regenerated based on the license file. Now that I see the option to do it differently, I’ve wanted to change it, but have not because I’m not sure it can change without breaking everything that’s already in place with current access clients. Was wondering if this new feature would have similar limitations.for adopting the change… or maybe I’m just all off base with all of this?

Really excited about this release. Especially that your preparing a native html technician support. :slight_smile:

I know its not production ready. But here are some findings:

#1 I run a 4 multiple monitor setup. When testing the beta 5.5.0 and using the technician client, whenever I clicked on something in the technician menu, an access client, tools tab etc, the mouse did not align with the clicks.

#2 I also tried to get some access clients from 5.4 to auto-update to 5.5 and they did not.

Upgrading the server from 5.4 to 5.5 did not give me any issues. I did an upgrade and a fresh installation with out any issue. I also did a backup restore from 5.4 backup into a 5.5 installation. The only thing I had to re-set was the Administration Password. Though that may be by design. I am not sure.

Since I had trouble using the mouse within the technician client, I couldn’t test any more. :frowning: Look forward for more updates though.

Can you speak more to the native html technician support? I didn’t see that mentioned in the release notes for 5.5 Beta. Thansk!

Here ya go: SimpleHelp 5.5 Beta - Remote Support Software by SimpleHelp

If you install it, you can go to /tech and there will be a button for HTML desktop.
It looks like this so far.

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Any word on when Beta 2 maybe released?

SWEET!!! Now if we could just see the systems in there. :slight_smile: Mine is blank :frowning: