SimpleHelp 5.5 GA

We’re still working on finalising documentation changes but given high levels of interest in 5.5 we are making the release build of 5.5 available early to anyone thats interested in running it.

The General Availability version of SimpleHelp 5.5 is now live on our downloads page:

SimpleHelp 5.5 GA

We plan to finalise the release and make it the default on the downloads page in the next week.

Thanks for supporting SimpleHelp!


Great news!

Will we have anything for patch management please?

YubiKey Question…
How to do we pass through our YubiKey Credentials to the remote session to be able to get past admin prompts for installs, updates, etc…

Amazing news!

If you can point me at any of the new doco that would be great, specifically around the OIDC connect for the tech login auth :slight_smile:
We have managed to get it connected and the test connection works well but on returning to the technician console the login has failed - im 100% sure we have set up something small wrong :smiley:
Thanks again!

EDIT: Thats on me, I didnt realise we needed to also create a matching Technitian account within Simple-Help configuration that matched the Name, Username and the Authentication ID (user oid in Azure) while turning off the ‘login with simplehelp password’.
Now have this working :slight_smile:

@Antony ,
Can you confirm whether the OIDC features are going to be available in the Business licensing or if they will fall under the Enterprise license similar to the RADIUS auth?

Terminal Improvements

Out of interest, is the terminal keys documented anywhere? I seem to struggle to do some basic editing.

Really hoping SSO is on ALL license levels … I’d like to not see SimpleHelp on the SSO Tax website. Security for something like this should not be an add-on or high end feature.

So far so good.

One issue of note, the local network adapters have dropped off all devices that have had the service upgraded to 5.5.

It now only shows the WAN IP of the device.

Same here.

Also, I have an issue with the Simple Help Remote Support Server, which is using high CPU usage. We have over 3000 machines.

Debug Info

33.09% - ← ←
33.09% - java.lang.ref.Reference.waitForReferencePendingList:-2 ← java.lang.ref.Reference.processPendingReferences:253 ← java.lang.ref.Reference$
33.09% - ←$ ←
Actual samples: 1908 (vs expected 3000) over 60016ms

Please, make the tcp port tunneling work again in v5.5 (broken in beta1, beta2 and GA releases).
This is the major blocker preventing me from using v5.5.


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I’ve also noticed that the remote access sessions are highly hit-and-miss in the GA release. Click the CTRL _ ALT_DELETE button multiple times but doesn’t do anything. Use the reconnect option and I can see the change. 5.4.10 was more reliable… although I dread to thing what moving back to that would do for the clients that are on the GA release.