SimpleHelp alongside of Nginx webser on Ubuntu 20

We are running SimpleHelp on Azure VM, but as it is used very little we are thinking of moving it to our local server. This is Ubuntu 20 web server, currently running few domains on it, all works on ports 80 and 443.
Is it possible somehow use the SimpleHelp Java application on the same server?
If yes can you suggest how?
prefferably I would still be able to use it by the url- on ports 80 443 so all goes well as the server is behind the router, not in DMZ or straight Internet access.

I saw some Proxy settings for Nginx but I am not sure how to do it for the SimpleHelp, as the exmaple was using the root folder of the website like httpdocs … " location /httpdocs { … } "
And there is also question, if I proxy it, if it will not cause issues for the remote support.
Thank you.

You would have to change the standard ports in SimpleHelp, and letsencrypt wouldn’t work automatically (nor would the client/technician download page) unless you redirected 80/443 back somehow.

That being said my biggest worry would be in you running websites on the same server. Assuming these are typical sites (wordpress/drupal/joomla types of things) they frequently have vulnerabilities and can be compromised leading to the malicious actor having access to the underlying OS. You want to have your SH server as single-use and as secure as possible (IMO), and this isn’t.

If the issue is cost look at doing a $5/mnth server at digital ocean, or linode and put it there. Or maybe your local server can be virtualized and then have your physical server be a hypervisor and host your existing webserver as a vm, and your SH server as it’s own vm to keep them separated.

Ok, I understand this.
So I would use multiple VMs on our local server then. I can make that work.
But I have problem with the ports still.
Router is set to forward traffic from ports 80 and 443 to IP where is the webserver.
If I make another VM with different IP, how I could forward TCP/UDP to 80/443
I was trying to find on internet if I can make rules on router based on URL where to send the traffic but i was not able to find it.

If you have multiple statics on your wan you could control it that way from your firewall, otherwise I can’t think of a way that you will be able to make it work

I was trying to keep the website of simplehelp where I get the files to download on base HTTP and HTTP url, But i forgot I can create a script which will create this download option on any website.
I just changed the ports to different and all works well.
When I download the Remote app it automatically adds correct ports to it…
consider this post solved. :stuck_out_tongue: