SimpleHelp Causes Server Crash

Has anyone else run into an issue where using SimpleHelp to connect to a server causes it to BSOD?

We have just one server, running WinServer 2012, where this occurs. We can RDP into it with no problems. Try to use SimpleHelp, though, and the system crashes shortly after connecting.

I’ve worked with SimpleHelp support to see if they can figure anything out from the crash dumps, and they were stumped. This has been happening for a few months.

Has anyone seen anything similar?

SH has always been smooth for us. Across many types of operating systems.

We have seen this and it was the graphic driver that was causing the server to crash.

I’ve suspected the graphic driver, as well. Did you see any references to win32k.sys in your crashes?

Yes, I believe so. We simply uninstalled the driver on the server and using the generic Microsoft driver

Just experienced a server crash. Looks like a bugcheck. WinDbg references

PROCESS_NAME: Remote Access.exe

IMAGE_NAME: win32k.sys

I will try out uninstalling graphic driver!

Did you find that uninstalling the graphics driver helped? Also, was the server running Windows Server 2012?