SimpleHelp connect banner gets in the way on Zorin OS

I don’t tend to use Linux desktops very often, none of my clients use them (all Windows). But I’ve got one in the lab at the moment. Simple problem: I can’t easily logon because the SimpleHelp connection banner gets in the way and I can’t drag it out the way. It does allow me to type the password blind so not total end of world but this must be a common Linux problem?

Not neccesarily a linux thing, or a simplehelp thing. Although this case this maybe limited to zorin. I dont remember exactly. Although rare, it can also happen in windows or any other OS.

Anyway its because the decoration window manager has not loaded. Most likely zorin wont load it until your logged in.

Try holding Alt key and holding left click anywhere on the SimpleHelp box and move the mouse anywhere inside the window. See if that works. If not you will need to see what the combination is specific to zorin to move windows via keyboard.