Simplehelp files still being flagged as Trojan!

It seems that the saga continues, clients are afraid to install remote-access app as their AV flags it as a Trojan and rightly so! Todays Virus total results are:

21/68 security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious

Only relevant to windows32 and 64 online and offline files.

I was running an earlier version but have now updated to [5.4.10] and the problem persists, is there a workaround?


Simplehelp support provided us with an unreleased version 5.4.11. We were having the same issue and that solved the problem. I would call support and asked specifically for that.

If this unreleased version fixes the problem you think they would want to move this version quickly to their clients to address this issue.

Unfortunately the reply I got from support was to send my *.exe’s to the AV software houses …
upload the files being flagged directly to the largest vendors’ false positive report mechanisms
So no 5.4.11 for me!