SimpleHelp is very CPU intensive when session is disconnected

I’m using a dual-core Intel Core i5-6200U with 8GB RAM. Not the worlds fastest laptop but neither is it the slowest :grinning: I’ve just come back to it after an hour or so and the fan was running, which prompted me to look at task manager and resources. CPU was solid 100% and SimpleHelp was consuming about 80% of the CPU - but this was with two disconnected sessions.

It’s semi-repeatable and sometimes you have to leave it disconnected for a while.

Here is an animated GIF of the effect in action. If you have Chrome, you can right-click on the GIF to bring up the video controls. I close the SimpleHelp window at ~30s in:

I would submit a service ticket as this is not typical.

For me, it’s reasonably typical as it’s happened over the ~2 years on a variety of equipment. The reason I posted it here and not as a ticket is to see if anyone else has the same - and maybe gather some more information. I only have one license so sometimes might have a handful of disconnected sessions as I move between them. That is possibly a little unusual.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. This should NOT be typical for you. Again I would contact support.

Anyone tried to repeat this? Because it happens on every system I’ve got my technician client installed on including my 6C/12T desktop PC. But because it’s got so many threads, it wasn’t as noticeable. I will raise a ticket shortly.

In the terminated state, it uses 25% of my 12 thread CPU when in focus and 12% when not in focus. I’ve also seen GPU activity flatline but that’s not repeatable.

I’ve just raised a support ticket on this because I’ve just had a situation where my 12 thread Ryzen 5 was brought to it’s knees because I ended up with four terminated sessions :frowning: