SimpleHelp server Debian 11


First time, long time SimpleHelp user. My question today is if anyone is running SimpleHelp server on Debian 11?

Thank you for your time.


We use it on Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04, which is based on Debian (not sure what version though).

Debian 11 specifically, no. But I have used several Linux distributions for the server and they have always worked. Debian, Redhat, Ubuntu, AWS Linux.

If it helps, we have SimpleHelp server 5.3.x running on Debian 11.

Hey Mark,

We have been running our SH server on Debian for 3+ years, and it has been stable on both 9 and 10, and following a recent system update, is now stable on Debian 11.

Having said that, had some weird issues so rolled back to 10.

Thanks everyone for your help. I’ve have it up and running on Debian 11 without any issue.

Now I just need to migrate everything :).

Thanks again!