SimpleHelp server will not stay running on Digital Ocean droplet

I do not know much about linux, but I have a Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu.
I ran SimpleSetup to install to that droplet.

Once I get the server running, I can generally run technician and connect to a workstation, as long as I connect shortly after starting the service. The next time I try to connect to a workstation, I cannot.
I check SimpleSetup and the server has stopped.
I checked the Digital Ocean droplet and I can still access it via the console.

My desire is to have SimpleHelp active 24/7

I dont use digital ocean, but if Linux is still running, open ubuntu and after simplehelp stops run the command: dmesg

Look and see if the OS is killing simplehelp.
Something like: Out of memory: Kill process (simplehelp)

Also, dont forget to install simplehelp to run on startup:

Ubuntu runs systemd by default:

If you want it to autorecover incase the service gets killed, add these 2 lines to the simplehelp-systemd.service file:


Your file will look like this:

Description=SimpleHelp Server

ExecStart=/bin/bash /opt/SimpleHelp/
ExecStop=/bin/bash /opt/SimpleHelp/


Thanks to Darrell_Swafford.
My Linux install was running out of memory.
Once I increased it to 1gb, Simple Help ran consistently.
I also followed Darrell’s instructions to have it auto start on a server restart and it works great.
Kudos Darrel

Awesome. Happy to help.

Once you get it running and the OS is happy, you can actually go into SimpleHelp and under the administration Tab > SeverHealth, You can set a limit on how much memory you want SimpleHelp to consume.
Each install is diffrent depending how many techs you have and how many active machines you have.
You can run simplehelp on 512mb ram and up

I wouldn’t recommend it, but its possible :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is some documentation for you. I believe 1GB is the recommended.