Sizing an Azure server?

Hi! First post here; long time Simple Help user. Want to possibly migrate to an Azure server. Does anybody have a suggestion for a proper Azure VM? We have a 5 session license and have persistent connections to about 250 computers.

Our company runs our SimpleHelp server on a S3 instance. We have over 1000 machines connected. We have 100 licenses.

Our server is: Server 2016 Xeon E5-2676 2.4GHz (2 cores) 4 GB Ram and a 60GB hard drive.

Never have any issues with it at all.

Thanks! That’s a pretty big box!:grinning:
With our 5 licenses, I had been looking at one of the smaller burstable ones. We’re on a single CPU system at another cloud provider. It works well. With the newer version of Simple Help allowing direct connections, I thought the server load would be lighter.

You can run the server on a raspberry pi. So don’t worry too much about the hardware.

Things to consider though:

-Do you want frequently move session recordings to the server?
If so then you’ll need space.

-Do you turn on the active monitoring for your access machines?
That requires a little more gusto but not too much more.

SimpleHelp has always been able to do direct UDP connections, the only thing new is the addition of direct TCP connections. So if your set up correctly, the server only ever provides the initial connection and then you switch to P2P.

Start out as small as you can, you can always increase the hardware spec if it’s needed.


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I am right at your size. I run an AWS instance just above the free level, at2 medium. on Azure I have a backup SH server (Standard A4 v2 (4 vcpus, 8 GiB memory) which is a bit overkill but I plan to run a few other items on it. I would go with an azure 2cpu,4 gig ram instance and make sure you adjust the “memory used” setting on SH server admin under networking.


Thanks, just where I ended up!

Working excellently and well within the server’s allocated resources. I may upsize as I add some other needs

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