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Some clients have disappeared


since I updated to 5.4.7 some clients have disappeared.

One client in particular doesn’t show in the admin dashboard as being live, it’s a windows 10 machine fully updated. I connected through an alternative method. When I try to uninstall the remote access client it looks as if it’s uninstalling but it just hangs there (unless the uninstall process is very long and I just don’t have the patience to wait for it to get done), would be nice if the uninstall process was a little more interactive. In any case, didn’t want to spend too much time troubleshooting so I stopped the service on the client, wiped the files that were not in use (simplehelp and jwrapper folders) and reinstalled the client. For now it seems that it’s working fine, my question was…has anyone come up with a batch file to nuke a remote access client? I think it would help in these cases to get a clean install if there’s no need to investigate why a certain client doesn’t work as it should.

I am assuming the client is failing because perhaps it was interrupted during update, but that’s really the only hypotheses I have, I hope there’s no unicorn bug in 5.4.7 we haven’t isolated yet.


Hi Marco, I upgraded from 5.4.4 to 5.4.7 and I lost 112 clients. I panicked and reversed to 5.4.4. I was also getting an error regarding not being able to write to Legacy folder. I thought it was related to the missing clients issue but SH support said I should ignore the error and go ahead and upgrade.
I’ll keep 5.4.4 for a while.


I believe there is an error with how simplehelp process the connection string after 5.3.3.
I sent to support my server and client logs so they could look into it.

Make sure to contact support and send them logs so they can pinpoint the issue.

You can fix it by removing the client connection string and re-adding it. When I added without port numbers on end it worked.

For example combining https and port 443 wont work. Without the port number, it works fine. Same with udp and port 80.
Again this is just the example that applied to me. Your millage may vary based on a number of factors.
But I would start with removing the connection string and re-adding it and testing.

You can also safely ignore the error on the installer about the legacy folder. 5.4.7 does bring alot of improvements. Again, send logs to support so they can look into it and let them know you are experncing the problem.