SSL problems. Clients Won't connect anymore

Despite having a valid cert based on what the admin portion of simple help’s console says, the server seams to be presenting a self-signed certificate.

TLS Certificate

Common Name = localhost

Issuer = localhost

Serial Number = 1F12FC76

SHA1 Thumbprint = 55A8E0EB931CE624E81340403997813942CC93B4

Key Length = 2048

Signature algorithm = SHA256-RSA

Secure Renegotiation:

TLS Certificate has not been revoked

OCSP Staple: Not Enabled
OCSP Origin: Not Enabled
CRL Status: Not Enabled

TLS Certificate expiration

The certificate expires March 7, 2029 (2862 days from today)

Certificate does not match name

Subject localhost
Valid from 29/Apr/2019 to 07/Mar/2029
Issuer localhost

TLS Certificate is not trusted

The certificate is not signed by a trusted authority (checking against Mozilla’s root store). If you bought the certificate from a trusted authority, you probably just need to install one or more Intermediate certificates. Contact your certificate provider for assistance doing this for your server platform.

Can you screenshot what it says under Administration, Network Settings, HTTPS/SSL

I used Set a SSL Certificate and used Let’s Encrypt.


Thank you for the reply. I was having trouble because i’d exceeded the Let’s Encrypt number of re-tries after all this. I ended up uploading my own cert, and I am back now.